Client Challenge: Manager Resolving Everyone’s Problems

Image of a person stressed by different situations.

Professional from a global Company, Seattle, WA


A manager was frazzled, missing important deadlines, and doing work for his subordinates. He was having trouble delegating and leading the project. He was having difficulty keeping the project's overall vision and did not have enough time to plan the steps and processes necessary to deliver the milestones required by the stakeholders in the company.

When this manager worked with Unitive Consulting, he realized how he was disempowering his employees and not allowing them to create ownership to take accountability for their part of the project's delivery. The manager started to learn how to invite subordinates to take ownership, created trust throughout the team, and learned to delegate.

He began providing guidance instead of resolving his employees' situation and delegating more instead of just doing all the tasks that were derailing his ability to manage his department and the entire project.

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