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Image PDF Of Tips For Negotiation In Your Environment.

Tips For Negotiation In Your Environment

Tips for Negotiation in Your Environment is not just an eBook — it's your passport to the intriguing world of negotiation, where every conversation is an opportunity for transformation.

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Image PDF The Five Tips (AKDTA).

The Five Tips (AKDTA)

These tips will Help You to Master Inter-Personal workplace conflict and become a Conflict Intelligent (Conflict-IQ®) Leader.

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Image of Book The Innovators.

Chapter - When Crucial Conversation Are Not Enough in the Workplace

Crucial conversations may start happening among leadership in a company when conflicts between those in leadership roles and employees have occurred, especially when massive evidence of poor employee morale and productivity has been observed.

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Image of Book Conflict Intelligence Quotient 'Conflict-IQ®' from Yvette Durazo.

Chapter - Conflict Intelligence Quotient "Conflict-IQ®"

The book uncovers solutions to conflict and reveals the root causes of certain kinds of conflict. It takes the reader deep into the background of issues and how these childhood problems can be a problem in an organization.

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Image of PDF about Effective Training For International Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership.

Chapter - Effective Training for International Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership

The purpose of this chapter is to share effective training methods designed to prepare business leaders for global cross-cultural collaboration and for the preparation to be utilized by practitioners, theo-rists and researchers from fields as diverse as humanities, sociology, psychology, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and business.

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Image of a person in a zoom call.

Made Simple Conflict-IQ® Bites

Join us a FREE 45-Minutes Virtual Live Zoom sessions held every 2nd and last Monday of the month. Acquire valuable knowledge of micro-learning in Conflict-IQ® specifically designed for leaders.

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