Unitive University is an institutional website where you can take courses on conflict intelligence (Conflict-IQ®), conflict management, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), conflict resolution, etc.

Image Yvette Durazo representing Unitive Consulting, Unitive University and her book Conflict IQ.


Unitive University offers hands-on knowledge on professional leadership topics necessary in today’s workplace. A 2013 Stanford University study reveals that 43% of the CEOs interview rated “conflict management skills” as the highest areas of need in their own personal development.

Through dynamic and interactive sessions, you will learn how to deal with conflict in the workplace and get the most out of it, how to manage difficult conversations, how to sharpen your negotiation skills, and how to increase your overall Conflict-IQ®, among other topics.

Unitive University can also be a space for networking, where diverse groups of professional students learn together from their interactions and acquire skills that will upgrade their performance at work and in their personal lives.

Take a look at our courses, pick yours and sign up! We will be glad to have you as a member of our Unitive Consulting community. Do you need more information? Please contact us here.


Image PDF Of Tips For Negotiation In Your Environment.

Tips For Negotiation In Your Environment

Image of Book The Innovators.

Chapter - When Crucial Conversation Are Not Enough in the Workplace

Image of Book Conflict Intelligence Quotient 'Conflict-IQ®' from Yvette Durazo.

Chapter - Conflict Intelligence Quotient "Conflict-IQ®"

Image of PDF about Effective Training For International Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership.

Chapter - Effective Training for International Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership

Image of a person in a zoom call.

Made Simple Conflict-IQ® Bites; Ask the Workplace Expert, Chief Civility Office Yvette Durazo


Self-Paced Online Courses

Image of two people in a conflict and a mediator in the middle.

Conflict - IQ® New Fronter to Mediate and Coach Conflict in the workplace (1hr course)

12 modules See more
Image of 3 people working, two of them are women and one is a man who is in a wheelchair.

Mastering Difficult Conversations: When Addressing DEI, Employee Performance and More

5 modules See more
Image of a Assessment.

Assessment Conflict - IQ®

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Image of Q&A.

How Not to Land Toxic Job

PDF See more

Live Instruction - Online Courses

Image of a group of people listening to a presentation.

Mastering High - Stake Conversations The course from the book : Conflict - IQ®

10 modules See more
Image of two people shaking hands.

Negotiating on the High-Heels of a Smart Negotiator

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Image of a work team led by a woman.

Negociando en los zapatos de una negociadora inteligente (Curso de liderazgo para mujeres ejecutivas)

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Image of a work team proposing strategies on a blackboard.

Strategies to Lead Successful Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Initiatives in the Workplace

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Image about Change Management.

Change Management: How to Lead in a State of Change in Organizations

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Image of a table with the phrase 'Human Resources'.

Human Resource Mediation Course

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Image representing different colors.

What is Your Conflict Resolution Colors and Personality

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Image of a man yelling at a woman in the office.

Workplace Bullying Prevention Training

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Image of a group of people in an office discriminating against another person.

Workplace Unconscious (Implicit/Explicit) Bias Training

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Image of Two women talking.

Coaching skills for Change Management Professionals Certificate Program

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