Client ChallEnge: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Image of many people from different cultures.

Large Business-to-Customer Company, Foster City, CA


After the George Floyd incident (2020), a group of employees was having difficulties dealing with a strong sense of injustice. They approached the VP of their organization to develop a cohort for DEI. After some insistence, the VP authorized them to meet and discuss DEI.

Without any guidance, the group of employees started having difficulties communicating about this sensitive topic, to the extent that they didn’t want to talk to one another anymore. All of their enthusiasm and efforts to volunteer time to improve DEI in their organization were, in their words, “a waste of time.”

One of these employees, who had received coaching by the Unitive Consultants, suggested the VP to bring us to the rescue. With the approval of the VP, Unitive Consulting helped build a strategic system design process. This structure not only helped to transform a group of volunteer employees, but it also included key decision makers to become involved in a formal committee to bring to light systematic issues affecting DEI efforts in the organization.

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