Client Challenge: Non-Cooperating Employee

Image of two employees arguing.

Construction Company, San Diego, CA


It is estimated that over 65% of performance problems result from strained relationships between employees — not from deficits in individual employees' skill or motivation.

Employee A had been bitter for many years with Employee B for a series of misunderstandings between them. Both employees have different personality types and the miscommunication is more pronounced and worse when they get to work on projects together. The HR department hired Unitive Consulting to do mediation because the issue between these two employees was affecting the engagement of other employees in the same department. Only Employee B wanted to participate in the mediation. Unitive Consultant offered conflict coaching instead to the employee willing to work on their side of the conflict. After about four coaching sessions, the environment in the department started shifting, and Employee A, curious as to what was happening, opened up to the possibility of doing mediation with Employee B.

The mediation took place. Both employees agreed to work in harmony with each other, which in turn created a better work environment, not only for them but for the rest of the employees in the department.

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