Client Challenge: Training and Domino Effect

Image of a group of people discussing a topic.

Small-Size Enterprise, Chula Vista, CA


Unitive Consultant was hired to deliver training for a project team having difficulty working with one another.

Unitive Consulting delivered training in conflict management and team trust in a full-day setting for all teammates to participate in various engagement activities.

After a few weeks, the same team was invited to participate in a group process to determine how they had implemented what they had learned at the training. Many reported that not only had the training raised their awareness on how to communicate better and be more collaborative, but it also increased trust among each other.

The employees reported working more efficiently as a team. The team was able to speed up the project's process, resulting in overachieving the milestones for the project.

They also shared how the training had become useful to work with their boss and other co-workers outside their team. Seven months later, the turnover rate on the organization reduced from 15% to 11%. This organization rehired Unitive Consulting to address other workplace issues affecting turnover.

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