One-on-one coaching is the process of one person helping another overcome an issue or improve performance. It revolves around sharing experiences and knowledge around specific topics or areas, showing how to best approach different situations, and laying out the steps that should be used when executing the task.

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Unitive Consulting supports people in achieving their goals and creating a new way of being. We help people look at things that they might overlook. We support leaders’ efforts to address what is missing in the different aspects of their lives, such as relationships, work, family, and career.


  • Breaking the barriers that sabotage your success in the job you deserve.
  • Create awareness of your weaknesses that may be leading you to failure.
  • Become more focused on your job and enhance your productivity.
  • Understand the leaders in your organization.
  • Transform issues into opportunities.
  • Create possible solutions which you can offer to your bosses.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively.
  • Overall positive impact on your professional and personal life.
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Conflict coaching is a specialized form of coaching that helps individuals manage and navigate conflicts effectively. It helps individuals to move forward in participating in a restorative practice or mediation. It involves working with a trained conflict resolution coach who assists individuals in developing strategies to address and handle conflicts in their personal or professional lives.

Key elements of conflict coaching include:

  • Self-Awareness: Conflict coaching helps individuals become more self-aware of their own responses and behaviors during conflicts. It allows them to recognize their triggers, emotional reactions, and underlying concerns.
  • Skill Development: It focuses on developing specific skills and strategies for managing conflicts more constructively. These skills might include active listening, communication techniques, negotiation, problem-solving, and emotional regulation.
  • Problem-Solving: Coaches assist individuals in analyzing the conflict situation, understanding the different perspectives involved, and identifying potential solutions or pathways to resolution.
  • Goal Setting: Conflict coaching helps individuals set goals for how they want to address the conflict. It may involve defining the desired outcomes, understanding personal values, and setting action plans to achieve resolution or better manage ongoing conflicts.
  • Self-Determination: The primary aim is to empower individuals to address conflicts proactively and with confidence. This coaching process encourages personal growth and enhanced conflict resolution abilities.
  • Confidentiality and Impartiality: Conflict coaching provides a safe and confidential environment for individuals to discuss their conflicts. The coach remains impartial and focused on supporting the individual in finding their solutions rather than dictating the resolution.

Overall, conflict coaching is a supportive and transformative process that helps individuals enhance their conflict management skills, allowing them to handle disputes more effectively and constructively in both personal and professional settings.

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Leaders that implement changes, sometime overlook the emotions these changes bring in their direct reports and don’t know how to address the difficult conversations. When changes happen in any organization, individuals experience a series of emotions that hinder productivity and their ability to focus on work diminishes drastically. Some people have difficulty adapting to the new change and takes them a long process to integrate. Bringing Change Management Coaching to your organization is an investment worthwhile, as with few sessions can lead to:


  • Building, elevating, and increasing your impact.
  • Learning the tools and techniques for having difficult conversations.
  • Enrolling sponsors more effectively and creating stronger stakeholder engagement.
  • Asking powerful questions to help your clients get to the best solution faster.
  • Leading team meetings in a more conscious, intentional way that gets the results you want.


  • Addresses the negative emotions and transforms these into opportunities.
  • Speed recover and adaptation to the new change.
  • Integration and team-oriented mentality.
  • De-escalate conflict that could lead to toxic environment and drama.
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We are also available on the spot if you are seeking to plan and schedule coaching with Unitive Consulting on a single intervention.

We also offer coaching intervention, on-the-spot, for individuals seeking immediate support on any single or pressing situation either through e-mail, Zoom or phone (by appointment only).

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