Cases where Unitive Consulting has participated and solved in organizations are presented in this section.

Image of many people from different cultures.

Client ChallEnge: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

After the George Floyd incident (2020), a group of employees was having difficulties dealing with a strong sense of injustice. They approached the VP of their organization to develop a cohort for DEI...

Image of a document that represents a formal complaint.

Employee Races a Formal Complaint

Employee A filed a formal complaint with the Equal Opportunity office. Employee B had been making racist comments in the office space. Unitive Consulting was hired...

Image of two employees arguing.

Client Challenge: Non-Cooperating Employee

Employee A had been bitter for many years with Employee B for a series of misunderstandings between them. Both employees have different personality types...

Image of a group of people discussing a topic.

Client Challenge: Training and Domino Effect

Unitive Consultant was hired to deliver training for a project team having difficulty working with one another. Unitive Consulting delivered training in conflict management and team trust...

Image of a group of women celebrating the closing of some business or deal.

Client Challenge: Women and Negotiation in the Workplace

Unitive Consulting was hired to provide leadership coaching to a group of female leaders in a high-tech mid-size company. All these women felt their main ussues...

Image of a person stressed by different situations.

Client Challenge: Manager Resolving Everyone’s Problems

A manager was frazzled, missing important deadlines, and doing work for his subordinates. He was having trouble delegating and leading the project. He was having difficulty keeping the project's overall vision and did not have enough time...

Image of a group of people discussing a particular topic.

Client Challenge: Board of Director Don't See Eye to Eye

A Board of Directors could not reach an agreement on whether to support or not a shopping mall development on the western side of the city, as this shopping center represented a threat to mom & pop small businesses located on the east side of the town...

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